Achieve Hatching Excellence with Rcom Kingsuro MAX MX20 Automatic Bird Egg Incubator Hatcher

Rcom Kingsuro MAX MX20 Incubator
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Achieve Hatching Excellence with Rcom Kingsuro MAX MX20 Automatic Bird Egg Incubator Hatcher with regular shaped automatic water pump
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Achieve Hatching Excellence with Rcom Kingsuro MAX MX20 Automatic Bird Egg Incubator Hatcher

Introducing the Rcom Kingsuro MAX MX20 Automatic Bird Egg Incubator Hatcher [#RcomKingsuroMAXMX20] – a blend of sophisticated design and user-friendly automation, ideal for both avian hobbyists and professional breeders [#AutomaticEggIncubator]. Comes with Regular shaped automatic water pump.

Key Features:

  • Luxurious and Functional Design [#EggIncubatorDesign]: Egg-shaped for aesthetic appeal and functionality.

  • Advanced Climate Control with External Sensirion Sensor [#PrecisionClimateControl]: Ensures precise temperature management.

  • User-Friendly Interface [#UserFriendlyIncubator]: Hassle-free adjustments with an intuitive FND display.

  • Hygienic Hatching Environment [#HygienicEggHatching]: Minimizes contamination risks.

  • Versatile Egg Capacity [#VersatileEggCapacity]: Accommodates different egg types, from chickens to parrots.

  • Swiss Engineered Sensors [#SwissPrecision]: Reliable incubation with Sensirion sensors.

  • Clear Observation Window [#IncubationObservation]: Double-glazed for undisturbed monitoring.

  • Efficient Airflow System with BLDC Fans [#AdvancedAirflowDesign]: Ensures even air distribution.

  • Safety Features [#IncubatorSafetyFeatures]: Includes power failure alarm and anti-skid base.

Additional Details:

  • Automatic Water Pump for Humidity Control [#AutomaticHumidityControl].

  • Continuous Egg Turning Feature [#NaturalEggTurning].

  • Durable and Safe Construction [#DurableIncubator].


  • Complete Hatching Kit [#IncubatorStarterKit]: Incubator, manual, egg turner, water pump, pad, thermometer, and power cable.

Optional Accessories:

  • Customization Options [#IncubatorAccessories]: Moist pads, silicone tubes, and egg candler.

"Choose the Rcom Kingsuro MAX MX20 for a fusion of technology and tradition in avian incubation."

Eggs Turning Style
Rocking Egg Turning: Advanced Rocking Egg Turner for Optimal Embryo Development, mimicking natural hen incubation movements.
Egg Capacity
Enhanced Capacity: Holds 24 medium (chicken, pheasant, duck, macaw, amazon), 12 large (turkey, goose), or 48 small (quail, parrot) eggs. A versatile choice for varied poultry incubation.
Product Name
Rcom Kingsuro MX20
Format: 9.99
Short Description
Upgrade your hatching capabilities with the Rcom Kingsuro MAX MX20, a fully automated bird egg incubator designed for precision and ease. Suitable for a variety of eggs, this incubator delivers optimal temperature and humidity control to maximize hatch rates.
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Rcom Kingsuro MAX MX20 Incubator Automatic Climate Control in Egg Incubator
Product Dimensions inches
14.6 x 9 x 8.2
Product Dimensions Centimeters
37 x 23.1 x 20.9
Product Weight Kilogram
Product Weight Pounds
Warrantry Information
2 years. Returned Shipping cost at owner expense. assumes no responsibility for losses or damage from their equipment other than replacement of defective parts. No guarantee on hatchablilty of eggs. Do not expose electrical parts to water
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Electricity Type
USA and North America 110-120V 60 Hertz
Feature Compatibility
Bird Egg Key Features:
Bird Egg: Turkey
Bird Egg: Goose
Bird Egg: Finch
Bird Egg: Canary
Bird Egg: Cockatiel
Bird Egg: Chicken
Bird Egg: Duck
Bird Egg: Quail
Bird Egg: Pigeon
Bird Egg: Parrot
Energy Consumption
25-48 Watts Egg Van 3 Watts