Rcom Maru MX200SD Deluxe Bird Egg Incubator Hatcher with universal egg trays: Precision Hatching for High-Volume Bird Breeding Farms

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Introduce the Rcom Maru MX200SD Deluxe Bird Egg Incubator Hatcher [#RcomMaruMX200SD] [BirdIncubator], a hallmark of precision in poultry incubation. This incubator, with a substantial 192-egg capacity and advanced digital controls, is essential for serious breeders and growing poultry operations [#HighCapacityIncubator, #PrecisionIncubation].

Key Features:

  • Expansive Capacity holding 192 chicken eggs [#LargeScaleHatching, #PoultryFarming].

  • Digital Precision with advanced Sensirion sensors for accurate temperature and humidity [#DigitalControls, #ClimatePrecision].

  • Customizable Egg Care allowing tailored egg turning for different bird species [#EggTurning, #AvianCare].

  • Insulated Viewing Window for egg observation without disrupting conditions [#IncubatorWindow, #EggMonitoring].

  • Hygienic Design featuring a PTC heating humidifier for a clean incubation environment [#HygienicIncubation, #HealthyHatching].

  • Energy Efficiency with high-density insulation for stable temperature maintenance [#EnergySaving, #EcoFriendly].

Additional Benefits:

  • Integrated Features like LED lighting and a universal sliding tray [#LEDLighting, #BroodingEssentials].

  • Ease of Maintenance with removable parts and easy water refills [#EasyMaintenance, #UserFriendlyDesign].

  • Adaptable Calibration for temperature units and long-term accuracy [#Calibration, #TemperatureControl].

Optimal Use Recommendations:

  • Utilize an Egg Candler for effective egg development monitoring [#EggCandler, #DevelopmentCheck].

  • Maintain Water Quality using non-fluoridated distilled water and a surge protector [#WaterQuality, #IncubatorCare].

Enhancements Over Prior Models:

  • Upgraded Systems for improved humidity and heating regulation [#AdvancedTechnology, #IncubatorInnovation].

Setup & Maintenance Insights:

  • Regular Calibration for maintaining precision [#AccurateIncubation, #ReliableHatching].

  • Proper Water Placement for consistent humidity levels [#HumidityManagement, #IncubatorSetup].
Eggs Turning Style
Slide Egg Turning: Enhanced Slide-Turning Mechanism for Gentle Egg Rotation, ensuring even warmth distribution and improved hatch rates.
Egg Capacity
Maximum Capacity: Can contain 192 medium (chicken, pheasant, duck, macaw, amazon), 98 large (turkey, goose), or 384 small (quail, parrot) eggs. Ideal for high-volume avian breeding.
Rcom Maru Pro PX200SD
Advance your hatching expertise with the Rcom Maru MX200SD Deluxe Bird Egg Incubator Hatcher, featuring state-of-the-art digital controls and a high-capacity design tailored for modern poultry professionals.
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48.4 x 63.7 x 57.3
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48.4 x 63.7 x 57.3
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19.1 x 25.1 x 22.6
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Warrantry Information
2 years. Returned Shipping cost at owner expense. assumes no responsibility for losses or damage from their equipment other than replacement of defective parts. No guarantee on hatchablilty of eggs. Do not expose electrical parts to water
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Electricity Type
USA and North America 110-120V 60 Hertz
Feature Compatibility
Bird Egg Key Features:
Bird Egg: Turkey
Bird Egg: Goose
Bird Egg: Finch
Bird Egg: Canary
Bird Egg: Cockatiel
Bird Egg: Chicken
Bird Egg: Duck
Bird Egg: Quail
Bird Egg: Pigeon
Bird Egg: Parrot
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